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Yonex is my main sponsor.

They provide me with great quality equipment when it comes to both clothing/shoes and racquets. I feel very comfortable and confident in my game with the Yonex racquet I use and ever since I started using Yonex I've played some great tennis. It's a very serious and professional brand and they always follow up on me and provide me with anything I would need. I feel privileged to have them on my team and hopefully they will be with me for many more years!

Casper presents the new Yonex Ezone 100 racket

Yonex constantly explores new materials, new designs, and new ways to support Casper to play at his best since 2016. We are proud to support the #NextATPGen star that competes head-to-toe in Yonex, with racquet, shoes, and apparel.

Founded in 1946, Yonex stands as one of the leading manufacturers of tennis and badminton racquets. Based on the success in these two markets, we have gone on to expand into other areas such as golf, cycling, snowboarding, and even wind power. We have developed into the robust brand that we are today by cultivating a passion for craftsmanship based on our corporate philosophy of “contributing to the world through innovative technology and the highest quality products.” This devotion to quality lies in the fact that we produce a great number of our products in our own factories based in Japan. Outfitted with cutting-edge machinery and staffed by many experienced craftsmen, our factories ship out high quality racquets and strings to sports enthusiasts around the world.