To pursue my passion I need support in order to develop my tennis in the best possible way.

I know that I am fortunate to be able to follow my dream and in order to achieve my goals I need loyal supporters. My sponsors do not only give me financial support, they also motivate me to work harder and help me make lasting relationships. They are a priceless support and I am humble to the fact that my dream had not been possible to pursue without them. I am ever thankful. I will continue to do my utmost to represent each, and every, sponsor with dedication and respect.


The Arctic Group

The Arctic Group is a leading, independent provider of financial services. Arctic was founded in Norway in 2007 and has from a Nordic base established an extensive global network connecting clients from around the world. Our offices are located in Oslo, Stockholm, New York, Singapore, Houston, Rio de Janeiro and Hamburg. The Arctic Group offers investment banking services, ship- and offshore brokerage, asset management and insurance brokerage. Arctic’s vision “Excellence in Execution” reflects Casper’s dedication to become the world’s best tennis player. Arctic’s partnership with Casper Ruud started in 2016.


Lundin energy sponsorlogo

Lundin Energy Norway

Lundin Energy Norway is an oil and gas company that delivers power to an ever-growing population in a world that is constantly changing. But Lundin Energy Norway is not only looking for oil and gas. We are always looking out for new ideas, concepts and technological solutions to find smarter, more effective and safer ways to work.

We are very proud to be a supporter of Casper Ruud and wants to facilitate that he reaches his goals. He is a prime example of how hard work and trusting the process gives good results. We are looking forward to following his development by his side.



Yonex is my racket and gear sponsor

They provide me with great quality equipment when it comes to both clothing/shoes and racquets. I feel very comfortable and confident in my game with the Yonex racquet I use and ever since I started using Yonex I've played some great tennis. It's a very serious and professional brand and they always follow up on me and provide me with anything I would need. I feel privileged to have them on my team and hopefully they will be with me for many more years!

Yonex constantly explores new materials, new designs, and new ways to support Casper to play at his best since 2016. We are proud to support the #NextATPGen star that competes head-to-toe in Yonex, with racquet, shoes, and apparel.



Proaktiv is based on the idea that one reaps what one sows; that careful planning followed by a fervent passion to implement one’s strategy is the only way to lasting success. We believe that one must dare to set ambitious goals and pursue them. In Proaktiv we are convinced that hard work combined with careful planning is required for every client. We are confident that the best business model, combined with the best people, yields the greatest results.

We were thrilled when we got the chance to sponsor Casper from an early age. He had clear goals, and an impressive will to realize them. In a sense our promising athlete reflect our business model. Careful planning, followed by a relentless effort to achieve the desired goal is the only way to success. This is how Casper became one of the best, and this is how Proaktiv daily strives to be the best.


Porsche norge

Porsche Norge

Porsche is a unique company with strong ideals. Our values and philosophies permeate through everything we do to ensure that we always remain true to our principles. We constantly meet our own high demands and have a definite idea about who we are and how we approach things. As a result, despite what others may be doing, we at Porsche actively seek to stretch boundaries and are committed to continual improvement.

Casper is a perfect match to the Porsche brand with high ambitions, winning instinct, and his drive to become the best in his field. Certainly, his genuine interest in cars and in Porsche in particular makes Casper Ruud the perfect ambassador for our brand. Porsche is proud to be part of the Casper Ruud team.


Vasser sponsorlogo uten bg


Vasser is a design and technology company specialized in custom fitted digital solutions for the web.

Vasser is very proud to collaborate with Casper Ruud. Casper is a professional with a strong mindset, high ambitions, and is at the same time calm and assertive, which are all values Vasser identifies with. Vasser maintains this web solution, and the visual identity of Casper Ruud.

Contact us at Vasser.no